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Zero Maintenance for Bio Septic Tank for Entire Lifetime

Bio septic tank provides eco-friendly disposal of human waste. It is maintenance-free and efficient without dependence on any energy source and its odourless effluents.

Managing your sewage can be a cumbersome task and conventional septic tanks can give you a headache. We at Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited understand the challenges and our solutions are carefully designed to not just solve your problems, but also to meet the regulatory standards and environmental norms..

Bio septic tanks function with the help of microorganisms to decompose waste and produce valuable bi-products like water, methane, and carbon dioxide. Along with waste management, Bio tanks are also useful to recycle waste and create beneficial bi-products out of human waste. In other words, these tanks are a modern approach to human waste management resulting in a sustainable waste treatment system.

There are multiple chambers present in the bio septic tanks, each dealing with different levels of waste. When the wastewater enters these tanks, the micro-organisms in the tank decompose the waste and separate the solid waste from the liquid. Then the excess water is treated for most of the waste materials. This recycled water is odourless and can be utilized for gardening and irrigation. You can also add chlorine to this water to kill any remaining pathogens before using it.

Why Choose a Bio-Septic Tank?

In such a situation, bio septic tanks can prove to be a boon for our society. Installing a bio septic tank in your toilet comes with many benefits. To begin with, a bio tank is much safer and more convenient than conventional septic tanks. While traditional tanks need to be emptied, Bio septic tanks do not require manual waste removal or scavenging.

Along with the environmental benefits, bio tanks are cost-effective and help you save a lot of money. For example, the water used in toilets can be treated in these tanks and used again in your garden to grow your plants.

We have ensured a maintenance-friendly design for easier inspection compared to traditional septic tanks. In addition, these tanks eliminate any kind of methanogens in the consortium leading to fewer greenhouse gases. There is also a provision for a wide range of ambient operating temperatures to suit your requirements.

We at Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited also offer customized bio tanks as well as efficient filtration and recycling modules as per your needs.


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