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We can design new water treatment systems or repair existing systems to meet expectations or site conditions

Our water treatment services include design, build, management, maintenance and training. So if you need a system built, refurbished or require training or maintenance programs on how to operate & maintain the plant Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited can assist.

Water treatment plant facilities are in constant operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a sudden equipment failure can affect people’s lives. Our technicians can take responsibility for responding to such issues.

Facilities are operated in a variety of ways. We propose maintenance methods that minimize impact through appropriate timing in line with time slots where the stoppage is possible.

What is ORP in Water Treatment and How to Measure It?

Backed with extensive industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in providing a wide variety of Portable Water Purification plants for our valued patrons. Portable Water Purification Plants are used to treat drinking water from streams and lakes and sewage effluent to meet state Board of Health standards. Portable Water Purification Plants utilize different technologies (e.g., ion exchange) to purify the water making it safe for consumption.

A portable Water Purification Plant is an ideal solution for anyone who needs a replacement or supplemental system. These systems provide innovative solutions to meet current water conditions and ensure protection from future crises. A portable Water Purification Plant is a great option for events and outdoor activities where you want to make sure your guests have great-tasting water.

Our Water Treatment System Process Flow

How Often Should You Clean Your Reverse Osmosis Membrane?

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