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Commercial plumbing has never been easier than with Express Drainage Solutions Ltd Kenya. When you call up our commercial plumber, you can expect them to be at your disposal in the next one hour or so, depending upon how far is your location from our base. Our mobile plumbing services are punctual, reliable and affordable. We are of the view that your business should not suffer losses due to a plumbing problem which could be fixed within a convenient stretch of time.

The commercial plumbers of Express Drainage Solutions Ltd Kenya are licensed to undertake commercial plumbing tasks. They are insured to cover any kind of mishap that takes place while on job. This protects you from any sort of liability should anything unfortunate happens to our plumber.

Enlisting the help of our plumbing company will save your enterprise time and money and guarantee your business’ continuity. Our highly skilled plumbers can solve a range of plumbing needs such as toilet and kitchen plumbing needs in your office, hotel or restaurant business. Our plumbing company has a vast experience in the plumbing industry that we are proud to use to enhance the lives of our clients.

Businesses like those in the hospitality industry, food processing, and malls require a functional plumbing system at all times failure to which it can lead to significant financial losses. That is where Express Drainage Solutions Limited Kenya will come in handy to prevent the situation from drawing to a disastrous halt. Our company offers timely services, and we are available round the clock. Our plumbing staffs are also highly skilled and will come to your aid while fully equipped to fix any problem.

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