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Reliable & Effective Hospital Plumbing Design To Improve Operational Efficiencies.

Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited understands the need for proper hot water temperatures and drain flowage for healthcare and assisted living plumbing. We understand that hospitals and outpatient care (and etc.) must have reliable connections to water supply. Our plumbing experts follow strict guidelines to help make sure facilities are up to par with regulations.
Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited can be of assistance to any healthcare and/or assisted living plumbing situation within the same day the service is requested.

Fast and Effective Emergency Repair Services

As a leader in the plumbing repair field, Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited goes the extra mile to ensure that your healthcare facility receives prompt and courteous attention for your plumbing emergencies. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your call. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians even work holidays to serve our customers better.
Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited also ensures that a supervisor is always on call to resolve issues and ensure the fastest service for your facility. We will work with you to provide services that work for your schedule and your budget.

At Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited, we can provide an extensive range of services designed to help your healthcare facility and assisted living community run effectively. Our licensed and insured team of expert plumbing professionals can design a maintenance plan that can allow you to prevent issues before they arise.
  Thanks to our many years of experience in the plumbing services field, we can provide your residents and your patients with courteous and unobtrusive services that can reduce disruptions to your everyday activities and routines.

Replacements For Aging Fixtures

If your nursing home or assisted living community is located in a building with older gas, water or drain lines, you may be due for an inspection and assessment of these key components Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited has qualified and respected plumbers with proven experience in inspecting older plumbing lines and fixtures and providing our customers with the most cost-effective solutions possible for their issues.
By entrusting your plumbing maintenance, repairs and replacements to our skilled technicians, you can prevent major breakdowns and serious inconvenience for your patients, staff and residents in your facilities.

At Express Drainage Solutions Nairobi Kenya Limited, we take pride in our status as the leading multi-family commercial plumbing company. We provide your healthcare facility with the same care and attention to detail that has made us a valuable resource for property managers across the metropolitan area. We deliver courteous service and the most effective solutions to keep your residents and patients happy and comfortable.

Give us a call today at 0742781455 to set up a free estimate or to schedule emergency repairs. Our team of plumbing experts is ready to serve you.

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