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Is Nanofiltration Better Than Reverse Osmosis?

What is nanofiltration membrane?

Nanofiltration membranes are utilized for the filtration of water with low total dissolved solids (TDS) to eradicate organic substances and soften water.
Nanofiltration is usable in many water and wastewater treatment industries for the practical removal of ions and organic material. It has also been adopted as a pretreatment to RO.
Other than water purification, nanofiltration membranes are also used in the manufacturing production of food & beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

Express Drainage Solutions Limited supplies industrial and commercial nanofiltration systems for the removal of unwanted impurities from water.
Our NF systems ensure the production of clean and potable water for any type of application in the water treatment industry.

Nanofiltration (NF), in water treatment, “bridges” a gap between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes. It is sometimes referred to as a loose or lower-rejecting RO membrane. It could also be called a tight UF, as NF membrane pore size ranges from .01 to a little less than .001. Generally, an NF membrane system lets more salt pass than an RO membrane.
In addition, an NF membrane element will produce the same quantity of product at 50 to 70% of the applied pressure as an RO water treatment system.

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