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We provide, enhance, and design/install specialized water treatment facilities that are suited to your location, industry, and goals. Include filters, reverse osmosis, equipment for removing iron and manganese, chemical dosing plants, chlorination, and more disinfection methods. We provide expert process water and industrial wastewater treatment advice right across the water lifecycle – pre-treatment, purification, disinfection, water reuse, waste-to-energy and effluent control. We are specialists in system control, operation, maintenance, performance improvement, and the fight against scale, corrosion, and bacteria. We provide advice while customizing solutions to predicted technical operating performance standards.

Who We Are

We work to provide better products and solutions for our customers in their
homes, offices, restaurants, and industrial facilities around Kenya and Africa at large.
Our complete line of water solutions are trusted by many and …


P.O.BOX 8620-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Njengi House, 2nd Floor Suite 6, Tom Mboya St.